Special Needs
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Transportation Service
  • Please allow at least 5 working days to set up transportation once the Transportation Request has been received by Transportation. Fax to Special Needs at 497-3368.
  • Start of school – This may take up to 10 days at the start of school due to the high volume of requests received.
Transportation Request Forms must have the following information. Forms that are missing any pertinent information will be returned to the school of origin.
  1. Name of student, home address, work phone, home phone and birth date. Please print the student’s last name first and first name last.
  2. Start and dismissal time, session, entry date, service school, grade and school year.
  3. Teacher making the request.
  4. Pickup address, drop address and school.
  5. Emergency contact information and alternate drop information.
  6. Parent/Guardian information.
  7. Indicate Curb to Curb or Special Handling.
  8. Indicate special needs equipment i.e., wheelchair, car seat or harness.
  9. Note any behavior/medical concerns, seizures or any other information.
  10. All requests must have the signature of parent and "Representative of the Agency".
Please mark N/A “Not Applicable” in areas that do not pertain to the student transportation needs.

  • Parent/guardian must notify the Transportation dispatch office at 497-3311 if child is absent, or Power Base dispatch at 507-3956
Drop off and pick up
  • Have your student ready 10 minutes prior to pickup time.
  • Curb-to-Curb means student has independent skills and is responsible after leaving the bus. Special Handling means parent/guardian (daycare) is responsible to accompany the child to the bus and meet the bus upon return.
  • Bus will only wait 2 minutes at each stop.
Late Bus
  • If your bus is 10 minutes late call the Transportation dispatch office at 497-3311 or Power Base dispatch at 507-3956.
Daycare/Alternate drops
  • No out of district daycare/alternate will be accommodated.
  • Must be within 1 mile from place of residence or assigned school.
  • Limit number of daycare/alternate locations.
  • Limit the number of weekly changes to alternate stops to no more than two (2).
  • Significant changes i.e., school assignment, session time, pickup/drop off locations must be approved at administrative level and forwarded to Transportation.
  • All other changes must be submitted via fax to the Transportation dispatch office. Fax # 497-3368
Duration on the Bus
  • The duration on the bus will depend upon the distance between school of attendance and place of residence or alternate location. Although there is no specific limitation on how long a student is on the bus, the district is committed to minimizing the time.
Lifting and Carrying
  • Transportation staff is required to assist students on and off the bus and safely secure their seating. Staff may be required to perform limited lifting and guiding of students when assisting students.
  • Students who may need assistance with getting on and off the bus and seating must be able to assist the staff member in safely climbing stairs and seating. Those students who do not have the adroitness to assist staff in this process may need to use an adaptive device such as a transport chair for the safety of the student. A District physical therapist will determine the student’s ability to perform these functions.
Parent/Guardian Assistance
  • Parents are expected to assist transportation staff by bringing their child to and from the bus. However, due to liability reasons and student privacy rights, parents should not enter the bus to assist in seating. Cooperation between transportation staff and parents is encouraged.
Adaptive Devices
  • Wheel/Transport Chairs should be in good condition and meet federal and state guidelines. Students who require transport chairs must remain in the chair for the duration of the ride.
  • If adaptive devices are required, they should be of the size that can be safely stored in the bus. All items on the bus must be secured in accordance with state guidelines. It is the parent's responsibility to transport equipment too large for the bus.
Transportation Reimbursement
  • The district may contract with the parent or guardian to pay them to transport their child from the place of residence to the school of attendance and back again. The payment will be equal to but not greater than the standard state mileage rate of 44.5 cents per mile. Claims for reimbursement must be submitted within five days of the hundredth day and last day of school.
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